Lynx F.B.O.

About Us

OUR VISION is to build a values-based FBO network known for exceptional service and quality, a rewarding team member experience, and a commitment to continuing excellence.

Lynx FBO (“Lynx”) is a fixed base operator in the general aviation industry.  Lynx was founded in 2016 and is led by Tyson Goetz and Chad Farischon who have over 35 years of experience managing FBOs, most recently as executives of Landmark Aviation.  Together with Matt DeLellis, CFO, and Leslie McIntyre, EVP HR, Lynx has a proven and talented leadership team.

Lynx is committed to providing an exceptional customer experience that exceeds expectations and standards in business aviation services.  Our operating philosophy is based on two critical elements: safety and customer service.  Achieving excellence in these two areas is accomplished through industry leading training and a culture that is both safety and customer centric.

Lynx is dedicated to ensuring that each customer receives an unsurpassed experience at every location in the Lynx network.

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